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I am so afraid of my husband

Question: My husband and my son was playing a game, my son called my husband an ass because he used and inappropriate name for his character in the game.

My husband comes to me, says “that’s it I am not playing any games with him” his face is lit up and furious. When I go and see him I asked him what happened, asked him if he didn’t had part in what happened. My husband is OCD and uses a lot of profane derogatory names for characters, and will go on a foul talk rampage. The entire day he was fuming, I was trying to have a conversation to talk to him about it refused. Later in the evening he blows up, and he goes off that he is leaving the house, or I am leaving the house. We are done, he doesn’t love me, he says he is going to move on his own to just take care of himself, I can take care of the kids, he wants nothing to do with me. He is foaming off the mouth that is how rage he is. My son says that he is acting really ridiculous, and tells him to calm down. My son apologizes to him for what he said, and he is not listening. I am crying and very upset. Finally after it all has calmed down, my husband realizes that he has been out of line, and calms down, and apologizes profusely. I cry the entire time, I take a shower and can not stop crying, I know that what I had gone through was so traumatic I could not stop crying. He was embarrassed and apologetic. I am lost for words, and I so afraid of my husband. Our sex life has been non existent for the past 11 years, he is not the husband that goes out and buys me a gift, pampers me, does not know how to be affectionate and he blames it on his OCD. I have suggested that he needs to see a psychologist and says no.

What can I do?


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